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Our main headquarters are located in Antalya, Istanbul and Frankfurt (Germany) and the offices in other cities as presented on the website. The sales team of Maximos Real Estate consists of professional real estate agents with great experience and knowledge of each region and properties.

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14 places to visit in winter in Turkey

Turkey is a country which includes all the attractive elements for winter season and it provides the best environment for those who are looking for the best places to visit in winter. The east of the black sea region is the main entrance in winter

You can see the beautiful snow covered the forest and lands which in the same time you can feel the warmth of the sun in the top of the mountains. The thickness of the snow could reach to 3 meters during winter

Sometimes visitors become confused when they got to choose between which places is better to spend the winter in. because there are many different places in Turkey each one is better than the other there are about 14 attractive places in Turkey considered to be the best places to visit in Turkey

1 Kocaeli

It comes in the first place as the most wintry place in Turkey and it is specialized with its snowing all the winter for long distances it is located in the Marmara sea to the west and the Black Sea to the north. And Bursa to the south

2 Erzurum

It is located northern east of Turkey. It has a cold snowy winter and dry summer with moderate during night

3 Kartal

It includes a great outdoor center for snow skating located in the west of the Black Sea in the top of Koroglu Mountain

4 Bursa – Uludag

One of the best places in Turkey for snow skating it is located 36 km in the south of Bursa

5 Saklikent – Antalya

Located 50 km in the northern west of Antalya

6 Elazig

it stretches southwest to northeast. It includes a large outdoor center for snow skating was established in 1999

7 Bingol

Is a province of Turkey located in the east of Anatolia this province was created in 1946 its skating land is 25 km from its city center

8 Arasya

25 km to the south of the city the skating center is located and its land totally covered with thick snow

9 Ilgaz

it is located north west and its snow skating is 2 km far

10 Buzdag – Izmir

110 km from the city center of Izmir

11 Elmadag – Ankara

It is an outdoor skate center located at the borders of the capital Ankara

12 Sary Kamys – Kars

Located 55 km from the city center

13 Zigana – Gumus Kayak

It is located in the Black Sea regions at the borders of Gumus Kayak

14 Davraz – Isparta

It is located in at the borders of the Isparta at the Mediterranean Sea 26 km far from the city center